A Redeemer ELC teacher is a nurturer as well as an educator, someone who encourages learning through exploration, and who understands the balance between what a child needs to feel safe and what your child requires to reach their potential. Your child’s teacher is your partner. At Redeemer ELC, families and teachers work together --celebrating successes, navigating challenges, and communicating daily about your child’s achievements and goals.
  1. Andrew Spaulding
    Andrew Spaulding
  2. Ms. Rosa
    Ms. Rosa
    Administrative Assistant
  3. Ms. Maribel
    Ms. Maribel
    VPK Teacher - Room 121
  4. Ms. Priscilla
    Ms. Priscilla
    VPK Teacher - Room 120
  1. Ms Jen
    Ms Jen
    Toddler Teacher - Room 126
  2. Ms. Faith
    Ms. Faith
    VPK teacher and Floating Teacher
  3. Ms. Iris
    Ms. Iris
    Three Year Old Teacher - Room 118
  1. Ms. Tia
    Ms. Tia
    Three Year Old Teacher - Room 117
  2. Ms. Linda
    Ms. Linda
    Infant Teacher - Room 123
  3. Ms. Naomi
    Ms. Naomi
    One Year Old Teacher - Room 125
  1. Ms. Rachel
    Ms. Rachel
    Two Year Old Teacher - Room 124
  2. Ms. Brenna
    Ms. Brenna
  3. Ms. Courtney
    Ms. Courtney
    Best cook EVER - Doesn't like photos